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Mega Mind, Path to Success and Freedom
Hemant K. Thakur, M.D.

About the Author

Hemant Thakur, M.D.

Dr. Hemant Thakur is a medical doctor, an assistant clinical professor, psychiatrist with specialized training in psychosomatic medicine, and a specialist in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He has worked as a psychiatrist in various mental health settings including inpatient/outpatient Psychiatry programs, Riker's Island Prison in New York City, and many alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. Dr. Thakur is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, businessman, and inventor. His family includes a teen-aged son and daughter.

As Lynn Callaly of Southern Illinois put it, "he is a unique individual, something of a cross between Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Deepak Chopra." People who know Dr. Thakur personally have said, "His thinking is way ahead of his time and he is a visionary for the future. He has a unique talent of abstracting information and being innovative." "He has natural sense of humor and he is an entertaining and energetic speaker."

Born in Bombay, India, Dr. Thakur immigrated to the United States in 1981. Apart from the barriers of language and culture, he also encountered numerous personal problems. Finally, after much adversity, he arrived at a point in his life where he decided to study what it is that makes people successful. He also studied many prominent people who have overcome enormous obstacles.

After years of treating people whose lives were in ruins, he saw that traditional psychiatry, drug therapies and psychotherapies were not always effective and when they did work, the results were not long lasting. He learned that unless these people were taught to have a different perception to their problems, they would not be free of the disempowering effects of past trauma, and painful life experiences and problems, nor would they be able to handle new stresses and challenges in life. Thus, they could not be truly happy or successful human beings. He began to identify simple methods that changed behavior, solved life problems and minimized stress. He used these methods on himself and found that they are within the reach of everyone. By making better choices these methods can help to start new, productive, and happy lives. He now teaches these techniques in seminars and lectures nationally and internationally. He also is the inventor of a patented product which, is currently sold in the USA and Australia. You may visit his invention by visiting the Web site
He also has numerous ideas for future inventions.

Trauma, stress, and learned behavior influence every life to one degree or another and Dr. Thakur had to heal himself to be successful and happy. The premise of his book, then, is: If these techniques can help those traumatized from the worst possible experiences, they can help common people conquer stress, overcome fear, break bad habits, achieve success, and reach a maximum level of self-actualization and happiness. Dr. Thakur will show you how to empower yourself with the hidden tools that you possess within yourself.